Life is one big mysterious ocean and we all have to decide how we're going to navigate across it.

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Welcome, to my author site and thank you for your interest in sharing my  world!


"But I don't understand why you want to write science fiction!" my much respected creative writing university professor sputtered with indignation... I still remember this years later. Science fiction wasn't viewed as a 'real' literature. It was viewed only as escape---but isn't this why we read fiction---of any kind? Escape.


I love science and finding out how things work. I also wonder what life might be like on other worlds. Tick mark for Scifi. As a kid, I exclusively read fairy tales and mythology. Tick mark for fantasy. In my teen years, I discovered the Scifi Masters,  along with the iconic ladies of historical romance---Charlotte Bronte,  Jane Austen, and also Georgette Heyer. This meant I time traveled a lot back and forth between historical romance and futuristic worlds.


When a story idea taps me on the shoulder and begs to be written, it has to be a blend of all my favorite genres.  


I'm always creating a new worlds. I'm learning that a person should never give up on their dreams. May all your worthy endeavors find a good harbor.


Doris Martin 



          Tales From The Far Rim Frontier

                    Futururist Romance / Alien Contact

Ebook: ASIN: B07W459B3X 194 pages   List: 2.99 

Ppbk: ISBN-13: 978-1075110535  ISBN-10: 107511053X 228 pages                                      List: $7.59

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